Was refered to MacPhersons to get my tires changed out. They got me in soon enough but charged me $100.00 more than anyone else in the area on a bill that cost $80 everywhere else It cost me $180 here. When I questioned them the only answer I received was we wiped down the rims. Very disappointed at them and at myself for taking the referal at face value. Will not be back.Lesson learned.

Hey John, I'm sorry you feel this way. I looked for you in our history database but it doesn't show any history for your name (unless you brought the vehicle in under a different name.) I am assuming that your tires were not on rims but would like to give you a breakdown of the costs, which will also be on your invoice. A tire change, when not on rims, takes about an hour and a half. That includes a road test, old tires removed, rims cleaned, new valve stems installed, new tires mounted, all 4 tires balanced and installed on vehicle, wheels torqued to specs, 1 more road test, and 1 more wheel torque after you travel 100km and bring your vehicle back. 1 1/2 hours is $136.50 + a shop supplies/environmental fee (for the wheel weights, tire lube, bead sealer, and grinding discs) of $15.02 + 13% tax of $19.70 bringing the total to $171.22. If someone didn't take the time to explain this to you either before or after I am very sorry for that. If there is anything we can do for you don't hesitate to call or drop in. Service Team

- MacPherson's Auto Centre

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