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What It’s Like

Automotive careers are the perfect fit for auto enthusiasts. If you’re considering a career in the automotive industry, learn more about two common roles and how you can get started today. Find a quality shop in Carleton Place, Ontario, to watch technicians in action and see how you can take the first steps for an exciting career in automotive maintenance and repair.

The Role of a Service Writer

A service writer is a customer-facing option for individuals who are passionate about helping people receive the repairs they need. This role still needs the education and training of a mechanic or technician, but primarily uses this knowledge to inform customers about repair needs.

Service writers bridge the communication gap between mechanics and customers. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with the repair options and technical terms used in an auto shop, a service writer can help you weigh the options and choose the right service and repair for your needs.

These professionals spend little or no time in the shop performing the actual repairs. Instead, they tend to stay in the office and work closely with customers. When a customer has a question about a recommended repair, a service writer can walk them through the steps in the shop.

Duties of an Auto Technician

Technician and mechanic can be used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences between these two roles. In large shops, technicians focus on the technical, electrical elements of vehicle maintenance. Mechanics perform more mechanical, heavy-duty repair processes.

For most shops, however, an auto technician combines these two roles and handles all the daily work of an auto shop. You’ll need to understand how to troubleshoot common and uncommon repair issues and how to efficiently maintain a wide range of makes and models of vehicles.

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Explore these two roles and see qualified mechanics in action at MacPherson’s Auto Centre in Carleton Place, Ontario. Schedule a service at our convenient location to discuss automotive careers. Speak with ASE-certified technicians and service writers to find out how you can move forward in your career and use your passions to assist individuals with their automotive maintenance and repair needs.